Senior Art Director • Multidisciplinary



Meet Steven, an award-winning creative professional with 3 Degrees and over 13 years of client experience. Steven functions as a Senior Art Director, Illustrator, Front-End Developer, Brand Designer, and Certified Professional Photographer. He holds certifications in UX & UI, Front-end Web, Brand Strategy, and Content Strategy. 

Steven presently apportions his time serving as the Senior Art Director for a mid-sized tech company in Denver and freelance brand work. His illustration work has been published in several national publications and he earned a 1st Place Award in the Monochromatic Category of the 2017 PPC Professional Imaging Competition.  

CONTINUED FROM HOME PAGE – Steven also has formal education in organizational management, marketing, instructorship, and communications. He transitioned into a full-time Creative Pro following a rewarding 16 year tenure as a Fire Officer, Paramedic, and Rescue Instructor.

Enthusiasm, passion, attention to detail, and playfulness are his most valued traits.

Steven is an active Colorado fella. He is the father of an 18 year old music major, a Black Belt Martial Artist,  a studied Musician in Percussion and String, and a Certified PSIA Ski Instructor.